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Diskussionspapier: Soziale Barrieren abbauen in der Hochschullehre

31 Aug 2022 | Tags: News, Essays, Soziale Barrierefreiheit, Mindset, Teaching Practice

Empathisch handeln (statt empathisch sein)

Warum unser konventionelles Verständnis von Empathie problematisch ist und wie Empathie als Praktik unsere Lehre verbessern kann. / Original English version: On doing empathy.

26 Oct 2021 | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Empathie, Macht, Privileg, Verletzlichkeit, DE

Showing vulnerability

Acknowledging our vulnerability as teachers by addressing difficulties in class openly is a powerful strategy for connection and learning.

17 Feb 2020 | 4 comments | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Vulnerability, Communication, Empathy, Conditional teaching

Radical Acceptance and expectations in teaching

In this piece, I elaborate on how the concepts of Radical Acceptance, the “trust-default”, and the distinction between personal and professional expectations helped me to improve and feel better about my teaching and get a better understanding for what I think unconditionality in teaching should entail.

17 Dec 2019 | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Mental health, Radical Acceptance

Katharina on Unconditional Teaching

In this entry, I look into Alfie Kohn’s concept of unconditional parenting, which has influenced my thinking about Unconditional Teaching.

22 Oct 2019 | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Unconditional Teaching, Alfie Kohn, Unconditional parenting, Conditional teaching

On doing empathy

Why our usual thinking about empathy is flawed and how empathy as practice will improve our teaching. / Deutsche Version: Empathisch handeln (statt empathisch sein)

6 Aug 2019 | 1 comment | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Empathy, Vulnerability, Privilege, Power

Tyll on Unconditional Teaching

In this entry, I draw a parallel between the mindset of Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) and our concept of Unconditional Teaching.

24 Jul 2019 | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Unconditional Basic Income, Teaching writing