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Podcast: „Sie sind zu nett“

In dieser Folge des Unconditional Teaching Podcast sprechen wir mit Tabea Weber darüber, wie sie in ihrer Lehrpraxis mit Zugänglichkeit, Transparenz und dem Fördern von Austausch mit den Stereotypen bricht, die Lehrende und Studierenden oft voneinander haben.

2. Dezember 2021 | Tags: Podcasts, Lehr-Lern-Beziehung, Digitale Lehre, Student-teacher relationship, Vulnerability, Empathie

About Acknowledgements, Needs, and Vulnerability in Academia

One of my students showed me the humanity of the academic project with a simple page of acknowledgements.

15. Oktober 2021 | 1 Kommentar | Tags: Essays, Vulnerability, Academic writing

Podcast: Eine Ressource sein statt eine Hürde

In dieser – diesmal deutschsprachigen – Folge des Unconditional Teaching Podcast sprechen wir über kleine, aber wirkungsvolle Lehrpraktiken, die dazu beitragen, dass Studierende uns als Ressource und nicht als Hürde wahrnehmen.

7. Oktober 2021 | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Kollaborative Lehre, Vulnerability, Lehr-Lern-Beziehung

Podcast: The Empathetic Online Classroom

In this episode Tyll talks about a five-day block seminar that he taught in July 2020 entitled “Owning Your Position: Critical Argumentation Skills for Scholars of Culture” in which he and the students created a very supportive, empathetic classroom atmosphere.

11. Februar 2021 | 1 Kommentar | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Argumentation skills, Vulnerability, Student-teacher relationship, Social contract, Online teaching

Showing vulnerability

Acknowledging our vulnerability as teachers by addressing difficulties in class openly is a powerful strategy for connection and learning.

17. Februar 2020 | 4 Kommentare | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Vulnerability, Communication, Empathy, Conditional teaching

Speaking to students about self-care and mental health

Spending thirty minutes of one class session on honest talk about stress and suffering and coping and healing can have an enormous positive impact on our students’ lives.

28. Oktober 2019 | Tags: Essays, Mental health, Self-care, Vulnerability, Empathy, Powertools

On doing empathy

Why our usual thinking about empathy is flawed and how empathy as practice will improve our teaching. / Deutsche Version: Empathisch handeln (statt empathisch sein)

6. August 2019 | 1 Kommentar | Tags: Essays, Mindset, Empathy, Vulnerability, Privilege, Power