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Podcast: Learning is social

Katharina Pietsch, 8 Aug 2021

In this episode we talk to Sophie Gigl and Benjamin Stuhr, who are students at Bielefeld university, about how online teaching has made meaningful learning much harder for them and what this tells us about teaching and learning in general.

In this episode of the Unconditional Teaching Podcast that we recorded in January 2021 we talk to Sophie Gigl and Benjamin Stuhr about their experiences with online teaching and what that very different setting of learning and studying has taught them about what they need most to make learning meaningful to them. Sophie and Benni are students at Bielefeld university; as Sophie is a teacher in training, she contributes experiences both as a student and as a teacher.

In the first part, we talk mostly about how the current situation is difficult for Sophie and Benni and what is not working for them in online teaching because the context of learning is missing a vital social compenent.

Part 1 (Download)

In the second part, Benni and Sophie talk about what they have learned about themselves in regard to the way they learn and what they need in terms of a good learning experience. We talk about how important material and social conditions of learning are and what teachers can do to create community, overcome hierarchies that discourage learning and establish connection and relationship despite the online situation.

Part 2 (Download)

Music © by Lily Olason.


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