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Category: Analysis

Killing curiosity: why exams harm scholarship and education

Tyll Zybura | 21 Apr 2020

Teaching is about establishing and sustaining connection between curious minds to create and to share ideas and knowledge. Exams are about generating distance and social barriers to safeguard privilege. They are harmful to students and harmful to scholarship.

Podcast 01: the Ph.D. as traumatic experience

Katharina Pietsch | 25 Mar 2020

In this episode of the Unconditional Teaching Podcast, Tyll and I talk to Jessica about her experience of writing and defending her Ph.D. thesis and the severe strain it put on her mental health.

Learning with the freedom to make mistakes

Katharina Pietsch, with contributions by Tyll Zybura | 3 Mar 2020

In higher education, mistakes are seen as something that needs to be punished. This article argues that ‘making mistakes’ is a vital part of learning and that learning needs the freedom to make mistakes to be healthy.

The discourse of wasted potential – a critique

Jessica Koch | 14 Jan 2020 | 2 comments

The discourse of wasted potential is omnipresent but it may be a harmful way of speaking about ourselves, relating to others, and thinking about our or others' accomplishments.

The poisonous perfectionist vs the constructive critic

Tyll Zybura | 27 Oct 2019

Perfectionism is a fear-based attitude towards failure that inhibits learning and encourages self-sabotage. We can fight it by strengthening the inner constructive critic to focus on processes of revision and improvement.